About Me

My BA and BArch are from the University of Toronto, the city where I grew up, received my AOCAD thesis degree and taught art criticism at OCAD University.  My MFA is from Chelsea College of the London Institute. I have had studios on Lake Chemong, Ontario, on Toronto Island and in Allenby Toronto, London’s Oval and Bagley’s Lane, Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Gulfport Florida, the Adirondacks, Bushwick and Williamsburg and DUMBO Brooklyn, Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen and Columbus Circle in Manhattan, and Paris in the 6th and 7th arrondissements. All these places are in my paintings. I have had over twenty solo shows in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Florida, Paris, London, South Korea, and Toronto, and many juried group exhibits.  My work is in the permanent collections of the Pentagon, New York Mayor’s Office, National Arts Club, Playboy, London Globe Theatre, the American University of Paris, Chelsea Arts Club, and corporate and private collections in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, France, Australia, England, and Scotland. 

My paintings are featured in publications such as the New York Times, New York Daily News, NYU Humanus, L.A. Times, and the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, and the Canadian national Globe & Mail, as well as news interviews most recently for the American University in Paris and in Washington DC. I have awards, residencies, and fellowships from freeDimensional and A.I.R. Gallery, selected by jurors from the Metropolitan Museum, London Royal Academy, The Brooklyn Rail, NYU Tisch, and Art in America

My biographical website, about my journey as an artist, my current projects, and my upcoming exhibitions, is www.KatherineDolgyLudwig.com.  My website of paintings for sale is www.LudwigPictures.com. My website of fashion, and home and office decor for sale, made from my original painting designs, is www.LudwigExpress.com. My most recent retrospective exhibition of 28 paintings made in Paris and London was at the Chelsea Arts Club in London. My resume is here.


The way I paint

In “Reportage” I am looking for the beautiful truth right there in front of me, and manifesting this idea in my art in many forms – painting, etching and lithography, ceramics, fashion, architecture, books, film and stage.  I look and then respond to colors, shapes, movement, the events and conversations unfolding all around me and find their inner light. My process of painting is a commitment to simplicity in seeing and listening honestly as I can. I’ve been a lucky artist, in that what I want to make is others want to have, and I am thankful to all my collectors. For me every day is a painting adventure.


Ludwig Pictures is where you can see my upcoming news. Explore my catalogue of paintings at home. Write me to talk about your art choices. Have affordable original art or beautiful reproductions sent directly to you.

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